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Get Up and Get Moving!

The majority of Americans don’t get enough exercise. Many studies have found that exercise alone improves health outcomes – regardless of weight loss. Exercise has also been linked with improved stress levels, sleep and mood. Exercise, not weight, should be our focus!

The American College of Sports Medicine and CDC are advocating for increasing physical activity. The CDC recommends 150 minutes a week of physical activity. That’s only 22 minutes a day – I’ve sat on hold for customer service longer than that before. Sadly, only 23% of adults reached this goal in 2018. Compare that to the 4.5 hours a day American adults spend watching TV or videos.

The CDC recommends 60 minutes a day of physical activity for kids <18yr old. Even more shocking, only 20% of high school students met this requirement. There was a huge gender difference – just under 30% of boys and just over 10% of girls met the requirement. If that’s not shocking enough, another study found teens spent 9 hours a day on entertainment media.

It’s time to put down the devices, get off the couch, and get moving! There are so many opportunities to be physically active every day, regardless of where you live. What are you favorite ways to move?

Here are a few resources to check out too!
Move your way: health.gov/moveyourway
Exercise is medicine: exerciseismedicine.org/support_page.php/rx-for-health-series

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