How pregnancy has made me confront my own weight bias

This is the truth we need to talk about – our bodies change during pregnancy and whatever the change, we should NOT feel ashamed about it. We are growing tiny humans – that’s no small feat.

This is a great blog post with insight into the weight bias in our culture by Bite My Words.

I’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room – I am one of the “lucky ones” who is back to where I was pre-babies. I say lucky only because I am lucky I don’t need to face the weight bias so many others need to face – NOT because I am a certain weight. Part of this is truly luck and part is that I love distance running. I don’t run to lose weight, I run because I love it for the physical and mental benefits.

But that fact of the matter is it shouldn’t matter what my weight is now or ever. If I were 30 lb heavier, I would be the same person I am now. Our bodies are amazing – they build tiny humans that are going to grow up and change the world. And part of that change **can** be changing the way we view our bodies.

Just imagine if:
– A generation of girls didn’t hear their mothers shame themselves about their bodies.
– A generation of girls never heard sly comments about their butts being too big or eating too much food
– A generation of boys never saw the women and girls in their lives being treated this way
– A generation of kids thought a diet was a general way of eating (which it is) and not a restrictive meal plan
– A generation of kids were physically active for the health benefits, not to lose weight

I know I am dreaming, but just imagine if this were true! This change starts with all of us and the first step is acknowledging there is a problem.

I have had numerous friends confide in me that they hated their pregnant bodies. And you know what, I hated mine too – every.single.time. Even though I knew better, I still hated it. And I hated that I hated it. Our culture that is so scared of fat has created an environment where pregnant women can’t love themselves while they are growing a child because of countless comments about our appearance or weight (either current or future – i.e. you’ll never get to wear that dress again).

Feel free to share your story here, message me personally to share it anonymously, or just start to be cognizant of the impact your words have. Let’s help our children grow up with a different view of weight.

Read the post from Bite my Words that inspired this post: https://ift.tt/2LDRNB8

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