Up-level Your Running

You’re doing all the things at this point. Following your plan. Tracking your progress. Tweaking your fueling. Looking forward to the upcoming taper. You've got this whole running thing down. But have you thought about how your life and "non-running" items may be impacting your performance? Today we’re going to dive into the less obvious... Continue Reading →

Motherhood, Perfectionism, and Falling to Pieces

Last week one very vulnerable part of who I am was published by SheMD. This was the part of my story that looked great on the outside but was destroying me on the inside. I talk about how I went from: Overworked, over-stressed and perfectionism toCrumbling to pieces toBeginning the repair. It was so amazingly... Continue Reading →

Mindful Eating in the Time of COVID-19

Today I'm joined by Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang to talk about one of my favorite topics - mindful eating. She has a great perspective on how to be mindful even in the midst of stress and a pandemic. Who better to write this article than a pulmonologist, cancer survivor, mindfulness teacher, and most recently, a recovering... Continue Reading →

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