Bigger Wallet, Smaller Waist

Here are some website I have found with great tips on eating well while staying on budget:

  • Eat Well for $36/wk with some tips from You.Beauty! Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost much. It just takes a little planning and strategy.
  • I hate that I buy canned beans. Dry beans are so cheap and simple to prepare. The problem is that it feels like such a task to soak them ahead of time. I usually forget and need the beans NOW. Thankfully, Ella at Naturalla Ella as some helpful tips on how to freeze those beans so they are ready when you need them!
  • Whenever we make soup, we do it in the crock pot (why work if you don’t have to) and we make so much that we can freeze over half. This saves us time and money. The Kitchn has some great tips to “Freeze First, Eat Second.”
  • Looking to try canning this year? Old Fashioned Families has some great tips on how to prepare for and can produce from your garden!
  • More Ella I seriously LOVE her blog. She has some great tips on canning you should check out. We plan to use some of these recipes in late summer when our tomatoes and cucumbers are going crazy!
  • Have you ever thought about feeding your family with your garden, but weren’t sure where to start? Becky at Your Modern Family has a great post with tips to get you started
  • Oh Ella…did I mention I love this blog? Oh yes, just a minute ago. Well, this post is great too. It has tons of tips for homemade staples and how to stock your pantry.
  • Last, but certainly not least – Mavis. She blogs at One Hundred Dollars a Month (yes, it is what you are thinking – she feeds her family with $100/mo) and has more tips and tricks than you could ever imagine. If you are ever looking for fresh-from-the-garden recipes, tips and tricks for gardening, or ways to save money, this blog should be your first stop. She also raises chickens and travels all over, so there really is never a dull post.

Moving Forward

Last Friday I finished my 2nd year of medical school. After the exam, I was expecting to feel more excited than I’ve been in a while. What I actually felt – absolutely nothing. It is a strange thing to explain. A few of my friends and I went out for a celebratory beer and while walking we were pretty quiet. Yes, we were excited, but we were also in disbelief that two years came and went right before our eyes. Two years – think about how much a child grows and develops in just two years. It is amazing to think we are here now, about to start clinical rotations (well, after that little thing called boards).

Now that I have had a few days for it to sink in, the excitement is starting to grow. I moved out of my apartment at school and have moved back home with my husband (yeah!) to study for the next month. At the end of June I take one of the hardest exams of my life – USMLE Step One.

The medical school has graciously given me 8 months of rotations within driving distance from home, which means I won’t need to have two addresses and two monthly housing payments. This also means I will (hopefully) be able to get back to making regular meals and (maybe) blogging with pictures of what we eat…I am really, really going to try to do the latter. In the past it has been hard for me to remember to take pictures before rush into eating and move on to the next thing on the “To-Do” list. I am going to try my darndest to make sure I post original content more often. While I am sure you all love the pinterest ideas as much as I do, the original purpose of this blog is for me to share my recipes, advice, and life.

For today, I am going to share our menu plan for the week. We basically eat the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch, and snack, so dinner is where the menu planning comes in. Here is what I have in store for J this week:

Week of 5/19/13

Sunday and Monday
Traditional Hamburger Helper with Green Beans
(I will probably add a bunch of vegetables into the hamburger helper mix – I am thinking zucchini and green peppers for sure. I will also probably add some portabella mushrooms so I can cut back on the pasta)

Tuesday and Wednesday
Baked Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa and Caprese Corn Salad

Thursday and Friday
Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers with Grilled Asparagus and Chili-Orange Quinoa Spring Rolls