This summer we took our house projects outside and kept busy landscaping. Last fall we took out the random plants that were sporadically placed around the house, with the plan of back-filling around the house and adding trim, woodchips, and plants.           The project started over my spring break when we... Continue Reading →



We wanted to plan a landscaped garden in the backyard. We cut out a 12'x16' section of sod (well, Jason did) but are only using four 4' x 4' plot for now. We made add more later. We also put in a compost bin, and plan to add some flowers for decoration - possibly marigolds... Continue Reading →


We have yet to landscape (that is a project for next year) but we did spend a little time updating the outside. The house seemed to be too light - there were white doors, white windows, and white gutters, and light gray siding. We thought it needed something to pop a bit. We had thought... Continue Reading →

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