2017 Home #2 Listing Pictures

In 2017 we decided to move back to Wisconsin. And then stay in Colorado. And then move back to Wisconsin... We couldn't decide. Wisconsin offered a lower cost of living, higher paying jobs, family just around the corner and 4 complete seasons (0 degree winter days are normal, snow lasts 4 months straight, summers are... Continue Reading →


New Flooring!

With going back to school the week after the floors were installed, I got a little behind on posting.  In a previous post I told you all about our floor dilemma. Once we found out we couldn't get the wood floors we wanted, we picked out a new carpet in 30 minutes - probably the... Continue Reading →

New registers

When we moved in 2 years ago, the first [of many] odd thing we noticed were the excessively large and ugly registers throughout the home. I guess in the 1960s the thought was that a larger register would more evening disperse the air. Good thought, but it turns out that it doesn't work that way.... Continue Reading →

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