2017 Home #2 Listing Pictures

In 2017 we decided to move back to Wisconsin. And then stay in Colorado. And then move back to Wisconsin…

We couldn’t decide. Wisconsin offered a lower cost of living, higher paying jobs, family just around the corner and 4 complete seasons (0 degree winter days are normal, snow lasts 4 months straight, summers are very humid. But there are beautiful fall colors, rainy spring days, and more green than you can imagine). Hiking is limited and the area isn’t very diverse, but with all the money and family support, we could visit Colorado any time. Colorado offered 4 light seasons (60 degree days in February – I’ll take it; snow only last a few days- yes, please; no humidity in the summer), endless outdoor activities, and a diverse, young, and healthy population.

But then we stopped to think – we love it here in Colorado. If we move back to Wisconsin for family and jobs, when will we ever work up the courage to come back out here? All of the draws to WI will be stronger once we’ve re-established there and family and friends are around the corner. Even if we wanted to leave, I don’t think we could. After a lot of long talks, it was settled – we would stay in Colorado.

Once we decided, we also decided we would buy a house. While the townhome we were renting was great, there was no yard and we were spending money that could have been going to our mortgage. There was a nearby town we loved to spend our time, closer to the mountains, with better schools and endless activities for families. While I’d have to commute – a lot – during residency, it would slow down after June. It was settled.

We spent weeks learning the market. It was crazy! Houses went for cash, well over asking. Especially if in our price range. One Saturday when we were out with our realtor he mentioned that a house on his street just went on the market – would we like to look at it? Sure, why not! It was just what we were looking for: close to the mountains/hiking, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large yard, quiet area with lots of families, near schools, and no HOA (which is hard to come by in northern CO). After a second look we placed and offer that was accepted and it was ours.

Here are the listing pictures . Take a look at our home remodeling projects here.


New Flooring!

With going back to school the week after the floors were installed, I got a little behind on posting.  In a previous post I told you all about our floor dilemma. Once we found out we couldn’t get the wood floors we wanted, we picked out a new carpet in 30 minutes – probably the fastest decision ever made. We really like the new carpet. Seeing the wood in the entryway does make us wonder, “if only…” but overall we are happy with the results. We had the flooring installed by a Lowe’s contractor who did a great job and was extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him if you are in need for a flooring guy!

Listing PicturesBefore (listing picture —>)


Before (a year after we moved in shown below)




2013-08-10 17.07.10 2013-08-10 17.06.55 2013-08-10 17.06.27 2013-08-10 17.06.07

[Bailey in her usual spot, doing her usual activity. Oh the life of a 10 year old beagle…]

2013-08-10 17.06.41

Out with the Old [carpet]

carpet removal (5)Over the 4th of July weekend we decided to pull out the carpet and pad to prepare it for the need wood floors we purchased. We knew there was a weird ramp under the carpet because we discovered it once when we were walking in the living room. Since we discovered this “pre-demo” we thought there wouldn’t be any surprises with the carpet removal. Ha – if only…

carpet removal

After we removed the ramp we planned to remove the extra layer of subfloor in the hallway. We thought this would make the hallway and living room level. Logically, that would be the case, but as we know, the people who lived here before weren’t always logical.  We removed the subfloor in the living room to find out that the main subfloor in the hallway was still thicker than the subfloor in the living room. WTF?! Who puts two different layers of base subfloor in their house? To make things more interesting, the kitchen and bathroom still had an extra layer of subfloor on top.

carpet removal (3)carpet removal - 3 levels close-up






We were worried about this, so we had Tommy, our handy Lowe’s installer, stop by and let us know what he thought we should do. He confirmed that each of those pieces of subfloor were the main layers (i.e. it wasn’t that there was 2 pieces still in the hallwall). As we discussed the tri-level floor, he stopped mid-sentence and said he needed to get his level – he thought he felt a dip in the living room.

Fast-forward 15 minutes and we were no longer able to have wood floors (and the tri-level floor wasn’t the problem after all). Turns out the subfloor was warped badly and it would cost at least $1000 to bring it into tolerance in order for our engineered wood floors to be installed with a warranty. The wood we picked out was already a little too nice for the house, so we had to say goodbye to the wood floors and hello to carpet again.

We were pretty bummed because we had thought we’d be getting these nice new wood floors in 10 days. The upside to all of this is that we can still have wood in the entry way (a whole 24 sq ft…yeah) and the money we saved could pay for refinishing the bedroom floors to match the color we want for the house. In the end, this is all better [this is me trying to be optimistic].

Hardwood for Entry Way – Bruce 5-in W High Impact Walnut Locking Hardwood Flooring

Bruce 5-in W High Impact Walnut Locking Hardwood Flooring

Image from Lowes.com


Picture of the Floor Display

Carpet for the Living Room and Hallway – Stainmaster Active Family Exuberance Notably Textured Indoor Carpet

STAINMASTER Active Family Exuberance Notably Textured Indoor Carpet

Image from lowes.com


Picture of the Floor Display

bedroom update

We haven’t had to do much work on the bedroom since the last update. The window and floor trim are complete.

bedroom - window trim

bedroom - update 2

bedroom - new closet layout

One of our first projects after moving into the house was to install a closet system. We did a simple bar and shelf, which I (of course) measured one part wrong and ended up messing the entire thing up. We have lived with it for the past 2 years, but the weekend before my board exam I decided it was time for an update (and a study break). Before the update, only some of our clothes fit in the closet and we had to use the spare closet for the opposite season storage. J and I are both tall, so I decided to raise the bar and shelf and then add a small 1/2 bar under one side. This has worked out perfectly and we can fit ALL of our clothes in one closet. Plus, I measured right this time (for the most part) so nothing is sagging or half falling down.

Window Trim

We have been working hard to update all of the trim in the house. I removed most of the trim and was responsible for sanding and staining the new trim. J was responsible for cutting and installing the new trim. All in all, I think we had a nice set-up and we probably split the jobs pretty evenly. Plus, J is a perfectionist, where I like to get the most done as possible in a given amount of time (which doesn’t jive well with precision). Our division of responsibility let us both work with our strengths :).

new window trim 2

We have changed out all of the window trim in the house. I think this picture gives a great side-by-side comparison.

Bathroom Vanity Area Update

I finally got around to updating the vanity area in the bathroom. There were two shelves the previous owner left in the office that were a perfect fit next to the mirror. Hobby lobby had a 50% off sale on basket, so I picked up a few to use as storage on the shelves.  The left side of the vanity still is empty, but there seems to be enough balance that it will be OK for now. I may hang something there, but we’ll see after living with it for awhile. I’ve found a bunch of great ideas on pinterest (of course) for hanging jewelry and make-up holders.


Vanity area before shelves were added

bathroom - update (2)

Vanity after shelves were added

New registers

old registerold register2

When we moved in 2 years ago, the first [of many] odd thing we noticed were the excessively large and ugly registers throughout the home. I guess in the 1960s the thought was that a larger register would more evening disperse the air. Good thought, but it turns out that it doesn’t work that way. We couldn’t wait to get rid of these hideous registers. There are two in the living room that take up almost an entire wall. Since the carpet is cut out around then, we need to wait to remove them until our new flooring is install later in July.

Here is what the new bedroom register looks like – what an improvement!new registers

Doors and Trim


When we moved into the house it was clear that the doors and trim were original and would need some updating.

garage door lock2

The doors were flat, hollow-core doors with an odd shiny glaze.  This combination made them unpaintable and unstainable…or at least for the amount of work we wanted to put in – trying to strip them, install panels, and paint them was out of the question, when we could buy primed doors for $40 at Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards.They didn’t always latch, and the knobs were push locks…not push the button and it locks, but push the entire knob and turn to lock the door. There were a number of times people (including me the day we moved in) got locked inside the bathroom!


While the trim was solid wood, the color was horrible and we knew we probably wouldn’t be able to remove them without ruining a number of pieces. So, after completing the kitchen we decided to move on to the trim and doors. We loved how the kitchen turned out and decided to do wood trim to match.

Taking the frames out went smoothly once we learned we would need to cut the top piece in half. It took about 1/2 hour per door to remove the trim and frame. Then it took about another 1 hour per door to install the frame. By the 4th door J was basically a pro and the door was perfectly square.

J has started on the trim. Here is what we have so far: