bedroom update

We haven’t had to do much work on the bedroom since the last update. The window and floor trim are complete.

bedroom - window trim

bedroom - update 2

bedroom - new closet layout

One of our first projects after moving into the house was to install a closet system. We did a simple bar and shelf, which I (of course) measured one part wrong and ended up messing the entire thing up. We have lived with it for the past 2 years, but the weekend before my board exam I decided it was time for an update (and a study break). Before the update, only some of our clothes fit in the closet and we had to use the spare closet for the opposite season storage. J and I are both tall, so I decided to raise the bar and shelf and then add a small 1/2 bar under one side. This has worked out perfectly and we can fit ALL of our clothes in one closet. Plus, I measured right this time (for the most part) so nothing is sagging or half falling down.

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