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Here are some great news stories to check out: Breastfeeding linked with lower breast cancer rates Late night snacking related to decreased snacking satisfaction Build a bike to power your TV Helpful husbands should be the norm not the exception Why you may say one thing and write another



Yesterday, an article was published in the NYTs about the presence of "Kids Eat Right" logo on Kraft singles - those floppy American "cheese" slices. The logo is a nutrition seal by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).  AND claims that the seal just means that Kraft supports "Kids Eat Right" not that AND... Continue Reading →

What NOT to say

A new study has found that talking to overweight kids about dieting and their weight made matters worse. That's right - WORSE. These kids were more likely to binge eat and use unhealthy dietary practices to try to lose weight. Time and time again we have found that kids who use unhealthy dietary practices not... Continue Reading →

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