DIY Breakfast Nook Project

Last year I had the idea of putting in a breakfast nook. At this time, our kitchen remodeling was only a dream and we were skill managing with a mini-stove, about 4 feet of counter space, and no dishwasher. Fast-forward 1 year and we have a whole new kitchen! The idea of a breakfast nook... Continue Reading →


DIY Pot Rack and Organization Center

I am not going to lie...I am pretty proud of this post. I have been wanting a pot rack and organization area for quite a long time. The pots were nested in each other in the cabinets on the long wall. The "organization center" was basically on 1/4 of the counter on the long wall.... Continue Reading →

One Step Closer

All of the side panels are up - yeah!!  We are slowly but surely getting closer. Here is a picture of the corner cabinets. J is going to build some floating shelves between the microwave and cabinet for cookbooks and decorations. I will update this soon with the other side panel pictures!  

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