Living Room Decorations

  The living room walls were pretty bare, aside from the pictures above the TV. The first decoration I found was a flower canvas painting at Target. The blue is a perfect complement to the neutral tone room. I also found some blue vases at goodwill for $1 each and decorative straw-colored exactly the same as the neutral... Continue Reading →

New and Improved – We have a dishwasher AND a vent over the stove!

Yes, that is right - the highlight of our project is that we now have a dishwasher AND a vent over the stove. The previous set-up had a hole in the ceiling that made it look like there used to be a vent over the stove, but the microwave they left us didn't vent; I... Continue Reading →

New Lower Cabinets and a Christmas Miracle

After an eventful day of fixing the leaking sewer gas mess in the wall, we put up a new mold and mildew resistant sheet of drywall. We also laid down some subflooring to level the cabinet floor with the rest of the kitchen. This was finished around 7pm; we really, REALLY wanted to get the... Continue Reading →

Bedroom Update

  Mid-July we decided to spend a little time improving the Master Bedroom. From the original bedroom post you can see that the paint was a huge improvement, but the old-lady ceiling fan just wasn't cutting it. We are cheap, so we refused to replace a working fan. Thankfully, the something went wrong with the... Continue Reading →

Kitchen – Before and Demo part One

Mid-October J and I decided it was time to remodel the kitchen. The guy who owned the place before thought he was handier than he actually was - there were holes in the walls, old pipes capped and sticking out of the walls, and homemade plywood cabinets.  I'm sure you can see from the pictures... Continue Reading →

New Cabinets!

Friday was J's birthday. After celebrating, Saturday we got busy preparing for our first ever cabinet installation. Neither of us had done this before and we were both very excited to see the results. Jason spent the past two weeks preparing the cabinets (sanding, staining, clear coat). This was supposed to be the easy installation... Continue Reading →

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