New Lower Cabinets and a Christmas Miracle

After an eventful day of fixing the leaking sewer gas mess in the wall, we put up a new mold and mildew resistant sheet of drywall. We also laid down some subflooring to level the cabinet floor with the rest of the kitchen. This was finished around 7pm; we really, REALLY wanted to get the cabinets in before bed, so we decided to pull another late night and try to get them in. We were most nervous about measuring the holes for the plumbing to accurately run through the bottom of the sink cabinet;  Thankfully this went extremely smoothly and we had the cabinets level and installed by midnight.


We decided to put the countertop down to get an idea of how the finished product might look. The appliances were coming in the morning and I could hardly sleep with all of the anticipation to possibly finish the project before our Monday deadline.



The appliances arrived Sunday around 10am. The stove looked amazing and I could hardly wait to use a full size stove – especially one with a window and a light. Unfortunately, it was too tight of a fit to slide into the place we planned. We debated rearranging the kitchen, but after much


debate we decided to tweak a few things. Somehow, we arranged it so the stove can just barely slide in and the door can just barely open without scraping the adjacent wall. It was a Christmas miracle 😉 By the end of the night we had the cabinets and appliances in place and the countertop installed. J went to bed around 12:30pm but I stayed up until 2:30am putting things away so we could be ready to finish things off Monday before our Christmas Eve dinner at 6:30pm.


Sunday  morning was supposed to be a quick sink install so I could get things started for the party. By noon, we still didn’t have running water in the kitchen. Thankfully we had a working stove and a number of high quality crock pots. As you can see, things were a bit of a mess.

christmas eve party prep during remodel2

christmas eve party prep during remodel













I left J to keep working around 1pm when I finally ran to the store to pick up the remaining ingredients I needed for the night. J kept working on the sink installation and finished around 5:45pm – just enough time to clean up and change before company arrived. My good fried S was joining us for the night and came over around 4pm, with wine in hand, and helped me finish getting things together.  Everything, including the dishes, we done by the time the first guests arrive. Talk about a successful project 🙂








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