New and Improved – We have a dishwasher AND a vent over the stove!

Yes, that is right – the highlight of our project is that we now have a dishwasher AND a vent over the stove. The previous set-up had a hole in the ceiling that made it look like there used to be a vent over the stove, but the microwave they left us didn’t vent; I am guessing that the vent had been gone for years and they just used a ceiling fan to vent the fumes when something was burning (or she was just that good that she never burned anything). As for the dishwasher, J is the most excited because he has to do the dishes he makes all week while I am down at school. Our sink is going to be much more sanitary now that there won’t be day old dishes hanging out in it all of the time.


The upper cabinet and microwave [of course] didn’t go as smoothly as it should have. Note to self: be sure to accommodate space for the microwave door to open. Anyway, once we uninstalled and then re-installed everything this is how it looked.


Originally we planned to leave the upper cabinets down and maybe put up a shelf in the corner. Once we saw how nicely the upper microwave cabinet completed the room we decided we would add a few more cabinets on the adjacent wall. With the space that was left, we could only add 1 cabinet to each well. We opted to add a corner cabinet and then a large cabinet next to the window. J is going to build a shelf between the microwave and the corner cabinet to complete the space. We only have the first coat of stain on the new cabinets and the doors will need to be stained during the week, but here is where we are at now:



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