Living Room Decorations



The living room walls were pretty bare, aside from the pictures above the TV.


The first decoration I found was a flower canvas painting at Target. The blue is a perfect complement to the neutral tone room. I also found some blue vases at goodwill for $1 each and decorative straw-colored exactly the same as the neutral room.


The next project was painting a light wood lamp and mirror black. I added two hanging candle holders and table candle holders I found at Bethesda thrift shop for less than $1 each.


The last additions were new window treatments. The old curtain rod was a hideous fake wood, but the window is huge so we didn’t want to spend $80 on a new one. The drapes we had also needed to change, but 4 panels can get pricey. Pair Kohl’s cash with a 70% off sale and you get a new curtain rod. For Christmas we received $60 in gift cards for Sears from J’s family (thank you again, if you happen to be reading this!). After Christmas they had a 50% off sale on drapes, one of which was a nice complement to the room. In the end, the new window treatments only cost us $40.



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