New Cabinets!

Friday was J’s birthday. After celebrating, Saturday we got busy preparing for our first ever cabinet installation. Neither of us had done this before and we were both very excited to see the results. Jason spent the past two weeks preparing the cabinets (sanding, staining, clear coat). This was supposed to be the easy installation since it is a blank wall. Thankfully, it went as smoothly as we had hoped.

















Sunday morning was the start of the first significant snow fall of the year. I had to drive back to Madison, so our time was a little tight. We had just enough time to run to Menards and buy the stock countertop we needed to get an idea of what it will look like when it is finished. It was well worth the wait to get on the road. I think it is going to look pretty snazzy when it is finished 🙂


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    1. He will be looking for something to keep himself occupied in a few weeks (once the kitchen is done) so I think you’re in luck 🙂 Plus, his rate is pretty reasonable…while I can’t guarantee anything, he will usually work for meals and baked goods.

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