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Mid-July we decided to spend a little time improving the Master Bedroom. From the original bedroom post you can see that the paint was a huge improvement, but the old-lady ceiling fan just wasn’t cutting it. We are cheap, so we refused to replace a working fan. Thankfully, the something went wrong with the wiring in the lights a few months ago and we couldn’t get them to turn on (yes, we lived with that tiny side lamp only for a few months).  This week we finally decided to get a new ceiling fan.


You can see it is a huge improvement, but there was still so much to do. The short, dark drapes just didn’t go with the room and the lack of decorations made the room like a bachelor pad (which, I guess it was given I was gone at school most of the time). Before heading back to school in August, I decided to make my own padded fabric headboard. We got a hollow-core interior door from Habitat Restore for $1 and I used a coupon at JoAnn Fabric to get some high-quality upholstery fabric and padding. The total cost was less than $20!  To finish off the wall I added a decal from Lacy Bella (thank you groupon) with the saying, “Life isn’t measured by the number of breath’s we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” I think the overall look is a significant improvement.


corner shelves

I also wanted to improve the bare walls and window treatments. I picked up some Shabby Chic (Target Brand) drapes from Goodwill for $5 total and curtain rods from Home Goods. I saw on pinterest that they recommend putting the drapes above the windows to add length to the room – this made a huge difference!  To finish off the corner I added some simple white shelves and a few decor items. I also picked up a tall straw vase (not really sure what they are actually called) from Gordmans. Pretty much everything I got was on sale, clearance,  or had a coupon and the money-saving side of me was on cloud nine.

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