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Those of you who have graciously followed my blog over the past 5 years may have noticed a few changes. The site has never felt quite right, so every year I try to restructure or reorganize, hoping to fix that thing I just can’t put my finger on. Well, I think I am one step closer to finally having the site I have been wanting. Here are some of the changes you  may notice:

  • Recipes are posted here AND on my recipe blog. In addition to the meals I make at home, I have also started posting recipes I find online and hope to make (the recipe blog only contains recipes I have made). This is largely possible because of my newest addiction – pinterest.
  • Health information will continue to be posted here and on my twitter news feed you see on the homepage sidebar.
  • My previous “life” blog has been merged into this blog. I will be organizing house pictures with our remodeling experience, posting about how to save money, and providing random life updates as they come.
  • Pinterest feed – under a post that was sent from my pinterest boards you will see the IFTTT tag listed. Usually this indicates something I’d like to try (i.e. recipe, DIY project). I am still working on how to have them auto-organize, so your patience is appreciated.

I am still working on improving the overall look and feel of the site. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!

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