6 secrets to raising the happiest kids in the world

Dutch Secrets to Happier Kids

Turns out the Dutch have the happiest kids in the world! What’s the secret? I’m always interested to learn how to be a better parent and I thought I’d take a look. Here are the general points (read the article for more info):

1. Babies get plenty of sleep – and parents too – the article cites Dutch parents get 8-12 hours a night!

2. More time with both parents – the work week is only 29 hours on average

3. Less pressure to excel in school – the focus is on promoting motivation as opposed to the highest grade

4. Kids are encouraged to voice their own opinions – even the littlest are included in decision making within reason

5. The entire family eats breakfast together – yes, the article says something about chocolate sprinkles in the title of this point, but the actual point is about eating breakfast together daily. And in reality, a small dusting of chocolate sprinkles has way less sugar than what most kids in the US eat anyway…

6. Kids bike everywhere, everyday, no matter the conditions – it’s important for kids to be active and to learn resilience. This is one thing I LOVE about Fort Collins – even when it’s 20 degrees and there are 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground, all the kids in my neighborhood are biking to school.

from Nutrition.Health.Life https://ift.tt/2NNKeu8


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