E-Cigarettes – NOT a healthy alternative

I’m sure you’ve all heard of vaping before (using an e-cigarette). It initially started as an alternative to traditional tobacco products that didn’t require have all the horrible chemicals of standard cigarettes. For this reason, many people looked at it as a healthy alternative to cigarettes or even a method to quit smoking all together. 

These seemingly less-harmful alternatives have turned into an epidemic for our teens and young adults. It has also turned into a prime gateway to marijuana and other drug use.

Over the past 5 years, e-cigarette use explored in the young populations. The US surgeon general reported a 900x increase – 900!! In a group whose tobacco use had otherwise been falling. The flavored options came out and their popularity continued boom. 

CNN had a great article this morning describe just how serious this epidemic is – https://cnn.it/2HZPQw8. The article highlights a young man who became addicted in high school, smoking the equivalent to 1.5 packs a day. He smoked for just 2 yr and now has serious lung damage that is likely irreversible. 

Thousands have been hospitalized for poisoning or adverse effects related to vaping. Six people have already died from e-cigarette use. These numbers will continue to rise as the rate of use continues to skyrocket. Thankfully, the government has decided to plan flavored e-cigarettes all together, which is a huge win for public health.


Are you a parent, worried about vaping and want to learn more about what you can do? Here are a few great resources:


What are your thoughts on e-cigarette use? If you smoke, have you tried them? What can we do to protect our young people from getting started with nicotine products? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. The CDC just posted an update. There are now 530 confirmed lung injuries. Seven deaths have been confirmed in 6 states.
    – Nearly three fourths (72%) of cases are male-
    – Two thirds (67%) of cases are 18 to 34 years old
    – 1% of cases are under 18 years
    -All reported cases have a history of e-cigarette product use or vaping.
    – While occasionally it is nicotine only, most patients have reported a history of using e-cigarette products containing THC +/- nicotine

    You can read more here: http://bit.ly/2NpTbJ8

  2. I was also addicted once, even was thinking to join again. But now recosnidering…🤔

    1. It’s a very challenging habit to kick. Congrats on making it this long! I hope you can find the motivation inside you to keep at it and not start again. It’s a slippery slope (as I’m sure you know) – one cigarette will bring back a lot of memories and make it hard to quit again. Stay away is the best thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you. Think of what a great role model you are to show kids how to stay healthy and work towards your best life, even if it is challenging at time. You can do it 🙂

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