Welcome September!

This month I’m stepping back to evaluate my vision. My brand is Nutrition.Health.Life. What does this mean? How can I craft my posts to help you eat a realistic and nutritional diet, optimize your health and lead a full life? That’s where I’m going and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. Here’s what’s in store for Sept


Nutrition: once a week I will post a healthy recipe item. This will be something that is quick and easy or kid friendly or maybe slightly indulgent. It will be a balanced meal or snack that focuses on nutrition and taste.

Health: I believe there are 4 main areas of health: physical, nutritional, environmental and social/emotional/mental. I will post at least once per week on one of these topics, so over the course of the month I will cover all 4. If I’m feeling really ambitious and my schedule allows I will post more frequently on these topics.

Life: this has been a tough one for me to focus on because it is such a broad category. But my hope is that I can help you lead a more inspired, empowered, informed and content life. I hope to provide wisdom and guidance through quotes or techniques to allow you to reach these levels. I am working towards leading this type of life and these posts will often be snapshots into real life application of techniques or things to consider or try that you haven’t thought of before. Posts will span all areas of life, from personal development to parenting to relationships.


As with all of my posts I can’t do this without you. Thank you so much for your feedback thus far. Please help engage my audience and myself by posting comments to posts you enjoy, even if it is a simple emoji. While I could post into the black hole of the internet all day long, I am doing this to reach others so they can achieve complete wellness and lead the life they dream of. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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