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Oh legos. My 5-year old is obsessed with legos. In the past year, our small tote of legos has become a whole collection. But we have a 1-year old and (almost) 3-year old, so we are always [trying] to watch them closely when the legos are out because we never know when a lego head might disappear into one of those little mouths.

A group of pediatricians are also very familiar with this phenomenon of recently did a study to see just how long it takes to pass a lego head 😲

How did they do it? They ate lego heads and kept a stool log for 2 weeks. Yes, you heard that right – your local pediatrician just ate a lego head to give you piece of mind about when to expect your son to poop out that lego head.

Drumroll…it takes 1.7 days! If that’s not enough, scoring tools in the study include SHAT and FART. Who knew doctors could be so witty??

Read the commentary here – http://bit.ly/2LVRpio

Read the actual article here –  http://bit.ly/2LWBVKS

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