What do your kids need from you?

I heard this question yesterday and it really made me think –

What is it that your kids need from you?

Obviously the basics – love, affection, food, water, shelter, safety. But when you really think about it, what do they actually need from you? What is your purpose in their lives right now? It took me some time to really answer this question for each of my kids at their current life stage (1yr, almost 3yr and almost 5yr). I came up with my answers and then later in the night asked my husband the same question. He initially gave the same superficial-level answers I had thought of, but after he thought for awhile too, he came to the same conclusions that I did – so clearly we were on the right track!

Eli – to be taught how to process and express his big emotions. How to be OK feeling his big emotions but also feel in control of himself in those moments.

Brooklyn – to learn how to be herself. She’s always the shadow of Eli, which she loves in the moment because she’s 2. But she is her own unique person who needs to find her own voice.

Elizabeth – she’s 1yr old, so she really just needs us to love and support her as she continues to explore the world.


I know I don’t have many followers yet, but all you parents out there who have stumbled on this post – what is it that your kids need you for?

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