Self Talk Matters

5 Things You Should Say To Yourself Everyday Dallas Nutritional Counseling Casey Voorhies Registered and Licensed Dietitian

The way we talk to ourselves has huge impacts into how we view ourselves, interact with loved ones and show up in the world. You may not think your self talk makes a difference, but it creates patterns of self love of self hate overtime than will take A LOT of counseling to fix. The solution – change the conversation T.O.D.A.Y for a better tomorrow.

This awesome article “5 things you should say to yourself everyday” is a great place to start (also the source for that awesome picture above). Follow these steps to make your own –

  1. What is something you want to believe but don’t. Write it down
  2. Write it as “I am beautiful” not as “I want to believe I’m beautiful” or “I think I am beautiful
  3. Say it to yourself in the mirror. Write it on the mirror. Leave sticky notes with this all over your house/office/car
  4. Get up the courage to tell someone about it. “I’ve been working on improving my self image and could use some support. I have struggled with body image for a long time and am ready to break free of the negative self-talk. I have been reminding myself daily that I am beautiful.”
  5. You can leave it there or go deeper – “Have you ever struggled with this?” or “would you be willing to help me on this journey?”

The more you say things about yourself in direct and positive ways, the more your brain will start to change and truly believe those things are true! It takes time but you will begin to notice a difference after just a few weeks.


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