Healthier Cleaning

Today’s post takes a different spin. Over the years I have tried to switch up my home cleaning items to be more natural. The downfall is that those heavy-duty, dirt-busting chemicals are really good at what they do. So, I’ve had to try quite a few products to something that works, is affordable and hopefully better for my little ones to come in contact with.

What’s my favorite cleaning item? VINEGAR! It’s amazing at how well it cleans. We often use it to clean our Pergo floors. Here’s a link on how to use vinegar to clean floors. We usually just use plain old white vinegar and warm water. This mop has been a life safer. No more twisted, tangled or unraveled mops. And it’s the perfect wetness every time.

Aside from vinegar, my favorite go-to for natural cleaning products has been the Grove Collaborative. I joined 9 months ago and have been so pleased with the selection, quality, deals, and customer service. Check them out here and get a FREE 5-piece gift set!


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