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I am always taken aback by how time fies between posts. In the past month so much has happened! I have been studying like crazy for the MCAT, applying to medical schools, taking Spanish class, working, volunteering, and training for a marathon! In the midst of this I often think about what I should blog about next. I am planning to start a nutrient series soon – it will highlight various nutrients, what they do for our bodies, and where we can get them. Anticipate a post in a week or so 🙂

In the midst of all of this craziness I was recently introduced to Larabars. They are a delicious, simple, and nutritious snack with only 3 or so ingredients. The base is made of dates and then there is always at least one type of nut and then a few ingredients to make the bar’s flavor. This makes them free of most allergens (except nuts, of course). 

 just finished eating the Pecan Pie bar – dates, pecans, almonds. That’s it!  My cat, who is quite particular and never tries to eat anything I am eating, actually kept trying to get a bite. I gave him a little crumb and he ate it up and came back for more! I like them before a run or as a good snack. The bars are a little expensive. I have shopped around and found Target has the best deal at $1.08 per bar. The local grocery store the most expensive so far at about $1.45 per bar. I tried to find a discount online by buying them in bulk, but nothing is cheaper than target, which is still a little much for me (especially since I can get a generic crunchy granola bar for $0.50 each). Then it came to me – why don’t I just make them? Here are two sites I found with recipes that are simple and descriptive:

Southern, Eh?

Enlightened Cook

I plan to try these out soon! We are in the market for a food processor and the money saved by making my own will likely pay off over a year. However, I might try them in the blender first. If you give them a try, please comment with the flavor you made (presenting existing as a larabar or one you made up) and ingredients. I will update this post once I give them a try! Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE: I tried to make these in the blender with little luck. While the peanut butter, date , and walnut blob was delicious, it was definitely not a Larabar. I’ll post again once we get the food processor!

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