Reaching Your Goals With Intention

“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for” – Ted Turner

Most people approach life, day in and day out, without purpose or intention. They go through the monotonous routine of work and life and wake up exhausted and unsatisfied. Then one day they look in the mirror and wonder how they got to this place.

Mindlessly, that’s how.

But it doesn’t need to be this way! If there was a way to wake up and feel empowered and energized about your day, would you do it? I sure hope you said yes because there is 🤗

Intentionality, that’s how.

When we become intentional and mindful throughout our day we begin to realize patterns in our thoughts and behaviors. This is the first step – realization! As we realize more we begin to see that many things we thought were out of our control actually are completely within our control. We begin to realize the lens through which we view the world is moldable, not concrete. This is the first step in realize the potential you have and the dreams you can achieved.

When was the last time you sat down and set goals for your year, month, week, or day?  What if I told you this could tremendously change your lifewould you consider doing it then? It’s true. When we set goals for what we want to achieve we can approach each day, week and month with intention to make these dreams a reality. 

One of my current health goals is to get to a 1:40 half marathon. I’m working my way there, slowly but surely. Last March I got a 1:46 (1:45 if I get a mom-handicap for the fact I had to stop and pee!). I’ve continued to slowly work on my time and I’m hoping to break 1:45 this weekend for a half I’m doing in MN. A 1:40 may not happen for years, but each month I reassess my training and how things are going so I can plan appropraite workouts to get myself that much closer to my goal. I set monthly, quarterly and yearly goals as I work through my training. I adapt these overtime so they will be realistic and attainable. 

What is your health and wellness goal? Pick 1 major goal (that is NOT weight) and leave it below. Then put 3 things you can do to start making that goal a reality! 

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