Protein Power

Let’s face it – 3pm rolls around and you’re hungry…maybe even on the verge of hangry. Everyone needs to snack mid afternoon and it’s about the time when you start to crave something sweet. Either you cave in or you wait too long and become soooo hungry, making it impossible to eat the way you desire.

The key – prepare, prepare, prepare. I know, it’s not as exciting as some flashy new fad that keeps you hungry for 6 hours straight (side note – this doesn’t really exist…). Enter the ever powerful partner – protein. Protein (plus a little fat) keep your blood sugars stable and will keep you going for hours to come. 

Here are my top 10 protein powered snacks:

Overhead photo of a cheese and charcuterie board on a white background next to a glass of wine
Cucumber Radish Salad – A healthy combination of refreshing cucumbers, crunchy radishes, and creamy cottage cheese.
best hummus recipe
My Go-To Energy Ball Recipe is perfect for kids, nursing moms, athletes and anyone looking for a healthy snack. They're full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats and easy to prep ahead of time to keep your freezer stocked.
Ants on a Log Variations
How to Toast Nuts at Home
turkey slices being rolled around the fillings
Hard Boiled Eggs

What’s your go-to protein packed afternoon snack? Leave it below to inspire us all!

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