Mindfulness in the Classroom

Teachers!! You can get a FREE subscription to Calm to use in your classrooms. Please check it out! This is a great way to introduce mindfulness and meditation to kids.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2Z5CJTS

Meditation can truly change you back to school game this year. I encourage EVERYONE to find a way to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your routine this year. Start small and try it out for the first month. I bet you’ll see a huge difference in your children.

Did you know that meditation and change your brain? Forbes did a great summary article of a number of studies that found benefit to meditation. From improved mood, alertness and concentration to improved school performance and openness to others. You can check it out here – http://bit.ly/2Z4bDfR.

Is this something that really gets you excited? There are afew organizations you can check out. In the US there is the Mindful Schools Project out of CA (mindfulschools.org) and in the UK the Mindfulness in Schools Project (http://bit.ly/2YWsktR).

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