During the walk through the morning of our closing we realized the carpet was loose. Our realtor suggested we pull up a corner of the carpet in the closet to see if hardwood floors were underneath. Sure enough, beautiful oak floors were there, waiting to breathe again! We decided we would paint the bedroom right away and then pull the carpeting out. That afternoon we got to work.

Taping before we got started.
Ken did the trim while I rolled the walls
Jason showing off his supervisory skills.

Before leaving for dinner after a long day of moving, cleaning, and painting, we ripped out the carpet.

That night Jason and I spent hours pulling out tackboard, nails, and staples. It took a bit longer than planned, but it was worth every minute.

The floor was covered in sticky spots from the adhesive they used to attach the carpet pad. Goof Off was a saving grace, but took hours to remove.


My mom removing the sticky spots.

Closet Before:
The closet was a metal shelving unit. These were in all 3 bedrooms. We had to remove them to paint and figured we’d just replace them.

Closet After: Pre-Shelving

Post-Shelving, Pre-Doors

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