Big Changes

Friday sure was a big day for us! It was match day and I found out I got my first choice!! We will be moving to Colorado in about 2 months. And if that wasn’t exciting enough…we accepted an offer on our house that afternoon! The inspection and appraisal still have to be OK before anything is finalized, but it looks like all the cards are falling into place.  It will be bittersweet to say goodbye to our first home, especially with how much work we put into it. But the person who purchased it is young and will hopefully have many years of  memories in our updated home.

We couldn’t be happier to try out a new area with milder weather and more outdoor activities than we can begin to count. People keep asking if we will stay there or come back. At this point, we aren’t sure and are planning to keep our options open. If we love CO, we will stay there. If we miss WI, we’ll be heading back this way in 3 years. Until then, we will just enjoy the wonderful opportunities that have come our way.


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