Raw Milk Debate

I don’t feel like arguing today, so don’t worry, this won’t be a real debate. In general, I don’t see the purpose for raw milk, but I feel that each person has the right to make the decision about what type of milk s/he would like to drink. Too often people innocently jump on a bandwagon that could be harmful – raw milk is one of those bandwagons. This article does an excellent job discussing the background of the raw milk debate. If you have ever found yourself wondering about raw milk or arguing for or against it, I highly recommend you take 15 minutes and read this article so you can be well-informed during your discussions.

The most important points (in my opinion) is that the distance from your cow and your table was only a few hundred feet and the cow was well-kept. These factors are extremely important, because the less time from cow to your mouth, the less time harmful bacteria can grow and multiple. In addition, the better kept your cow, the less harmful bacteria to get in your milk. Most people don’t have a cow in their backyard or even down the street, so be sure to consider these factors when reviewing the literature. 

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