A Quarter of Crock Pot Meals

A year or so ago I discovered a blog called A Year of Slow Cooking where the author started by spending a year using her slow cooker for all of her meals. There are tons of great recipes! Jason loves using the crock pot, so this website is just what we need! During the week Jason lives in Appleton while I am down in Madison for school. He needs to make his own meals, which usually ends up being a hog-pog if I haven’t come up with a meal plan for him in advance. I am currently on break, so I have decided to make meal plans for January through the end of March when I have spring break. I went through A Year of Slow Cooking and ended up with enough recipes for 13 weeks of meals – exactly when I need! I will be posting the recipe on A Dietitian’s Recipe Box for Jason to pull off and make (remember, you can also view these from this website by looking on the right hand side of your screen and scrolling down past the twitter feed). He will be taking pictures of his creation to post, and will maybe leave a comment or two about how it turned out. If there are any duds, we’ll be sure to either make notes of what should be done differently or will remove from the recipe box.

Do you have any great crockpot recipes? If so, please share!

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