What’s for dinner tonight?

Are you looking for a website that is full of delicious and nutritious recipes? Well, look no further! A Dietitian’s Recipe Box is a collection of my favorite dietitian-approved recipes. Not only do these recipes receive an A for nutrition, but they have also have all been taste-tested by my beer and brat loving Wisconsin husband. 

Do you have a recipe that you think could never be healthy and delicious? Well I am here to prove that ALL foods can fit in moderation. Simply leave me a comment with a link to your email or recipe and let me know why you think it can’t fit in a healthy diet. I’ll experiment with it a bit and be sure to post the newer, healthier version of your recipe in my recipe box.

Do you have a favorite recipe I should try? Please leave me a comment with the recipe or a link to the recipe and I will be sure to try it out!

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