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For the past few months I tried to think of how I wanted to structure this website. I had these ideas flowing through my brain, but couldn’t think of how they could all be put together into one website. I wanted to post nutrition and health information so people could be more informed. I wanted to post on hot topics in the news, because there is always so much buzz out there and how does anyone know what to trust? And lastly, I wanted a database of my own personal recipes that would serve as a massive recipe book for me and also a resource for those who were interested. I spent a few hours on Sat. playing around with some ideas and then it all came to me.

Nutrition.Health.Life will be the main website where I will post educational information on nutrition, health, and life. My hope is to post at least twice per week on this site.

Healthy News Byte  is a twitter account I created and is where I will post links to recent news topics related to nutrition, health, and life. There is a feed for this account on the Nutrition.Health.Life website. I plan to post articles as I read them, but for the most part I hope to post at least 4 times per week.

A Dietitian’s Recipe Box is where I have moved all the recipes that were perviously on this blog (don’t worry, I did not delete any of them). I will update this periodically, but for the most part it will serve as a database of recipes, not a blog.

 So that is it! Any comments or suggestions are appreciated (as always). Thanks so much for staying with me as I tried to work through my writer’s block. I am excited about the possibilities of this website and hope you continue to follow and find ways to improve your nutrition, health, and life!

In good health,

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