Badger Game

For both mine and my dad’s birthdays, we (and Jason and his dad, Ken) went to a Badger game this past Saturday. The tickets were steal! The stadium was full (except for the student section; they staggered in throughout the first half). It was freezing! My toes were literally numb the entire game; we got up to walk at half time and it was painful! Luckily they were better by the end. The Badgers did not play so hot. For some reason they didn’t quite get the fact that Cal Poly ALWAYS runs up the middle. Oh well, they came through and won in overtime by one point. If Cal Poly’s kicker wouldn’t have missed a field goal and 2 extra points, we would have never had a chance.

After the game, Ken and my dad left. I got to see a few friends, so that was great! Lydia joined us for dinner at the Nitty Gritty and two other old friends (Mike and Tyler) showed up. The Nitty is the birthday place, so I got a free mini sundae and a bottomless beer mug (to keep)…of course I only had 1 beer, but it was free, so I was still happy 🙂

All in all, it was a good birthday. I am looking forward to this long weekend when I am home and will get to see some many people I miss so much!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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