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The purpose of this blog is provide reliable information on general healthy living. My tag line –  Realistic nutrition and holistic health information so you can lead your fullest life. Written by a physician and dietitian. No diets here. It’s time to get real and reject the diet mentality so you can be free.

  • Nutrition: posts under this category will be recipes and foods. This was the basis of my original blog in 2008, shortly after getting married. Originally the featured recipes were those that I tried out myself, but more recently I have begun to add recipes that I would like to try. With the invention of pinterest I have started to find some many tasty recipes that I felt I should include here. All of the recipes I have made are organized at my recipe blog, A Dietitian’s Recipe Box. You can read more about that here.
  • Health: after blogging recipes for awhile I became interested in posting health information. With so many mixed messages in the media about what it means to be healthy, it can be difficult for the average person to decipher what to do! These posts are usually related to news articles and posts, but may also just be random health facts I am learning about in school or on the wards. You can also see news facts on the twitter feed to the right of the blog home screen, or by visiting my feed here.
  • Life:  This section initially was geared towards helping my family stay in touch while we lived away from home. Now that this has morphed I have changed this to include parenting tips, glimpses into real life, and tips on how to live your fullest life.

About the Author

I am a board-certified family medicine physician and registered dietitian.


  • B.S. Human Biology with an emphasis in Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
  • M.S. Nutrition and Dietetics, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
  • RD – Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
  • MD – University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, WI
    • Public Health Path of Distinction
  • Family Medicine Residency – North Colorado Family Medicine, Greeley, CO
    • Chief Resident
    • Hospitalist Track

15 years ago I decided I was going to create a career where I could help others achieve health and wellness. This started as being a dietitian and progressed into becoming a physician. My vision of how I would do this has morphed over the years, as well as some of my beliefs around dieting, fitness, wellness and weight. What hasn’t changed is my desire to help other people reach their health goals. I’ve been trying to figure out how this can look since my current job is in the hospital setting.

What is a Registered Dietitian?
Registered Dietitians are experts in nutrition and medical nutrition therapy (using nutrition to help treat medical conditions). They have completed at least a Bachelors degree with specific nutrition-related coursework. In addition, they have completed a year-long, highly competitive internship that includes hands-on work experience in a variety of fields where dietitians work. For more information on who dietitians are and how to become a dietitian you can visit my Nutrition Experts Web Post or the American Dietetic Association website.

This website is intended for educational use only. The information and opinions on this website and websites that it links should not be used in place for seeking medical advice.  You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before changing your diet, exercise plan, or current treatment plan for an existing condition. You should never start a new treatment plan based solely on the information provided on this website. While the author is a qualified Registered Dietitian, it is imperative that you are evaluated by a medical professional to assess your individual nutrition and health-related needs.

If you have any questions about information provided on this website, please leave a comment and I will be sure to respond promptly.

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  1. I love your posts on all the goodies in our CSA boxes. I am also a CSA member and have been having a wonderful summer getting to know new foods. I entered the world of blogging this summer and I have posted about my amazing experience of working at Oakridge Farms this summer. Please introduce yourself to me next time you stop by the CB stand.



    1. Thanks so much fro stopping by Patty! My husband usually picks up the CSA box, but I will be sure to introduce myself if I get a chance to come by the CSA stand when you are there. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas for using the CSA box, please let me know! This is our first year, so we are still getting the hang of it.


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