What’s for dinner tonight?

Are you looking for a website that is full of delicious and nutritious recipes? Well, look no further! A Dietitian's Recipe Box is a collection of my favorite dietitian-approved recipes. Not only do these recipes receive an A for nutrition, but they have also have all been taste-tested by my beer and brat loving Wisconsin husband.  Do you have a recipe that... Continue Reading →

Healthy News Bytes

Have you checked out the daily Healthy News Bytes on this website? If you look to your right on the screen you will see the Twitter Feed that I update daily with recent Health news. Some topics include supplements, obesity, health trends, and fun health facts. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations for... Continue Reading →

Micronutrient Kick-Off

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that make up the foods we eat every day. These nutrients are always in the news - "cut sodium to decrease your risk of high blood pressure," "vitamin E fights against disease," and "vitamin D can help prevent dementia." Newspaper editors know that you are likely not to read... Continue Reading →

The IMPROVED Nutrition.Health.Life Site

For the past few months I tried to think of how I wanted to structure this website. I had these ideas flowing through my brain, but couldn't think of how they could all be put together into one website. I wanted to post nutrition and health information so people could be more informed. I wanted... Continue Reading →

The Experience of Eating

I am a firm believer that eating should be an enjoyable experience and that all foods can fit in a healthy diet in moderation. In fact, those who restrict themselves actually tend to be more overweight, have higher levels of body dissatisfaction, and are more concerned with their appearance (1). With that said, I am... Continue Reading →

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