Yoga-Based Eating Disorder Treatment

In the past decade there has been a huge surge in popularity with yoga and other relaxation-based exercises. Yoga stimulates your mind, body, and spirit, so there it comes as no surprise that trained individuals have started using it for treatment of psychological-based medical conditions. Needless to say I was ecstatic to hear that there... Continue Reading →

Using the Plate Method

Every time I tell someone I am a Registered Dietitian they ask me how they can either 1. be healthier or 2. lose weight. One of the simplest ways to do both of these (since being healthier often results in losing weight) is by using the Plate Method. There are very few people I know that actually enjoy... Continue Reading →

A Gluten-Free Diet: Treatment for Celiac Disease NOT a Trend

In the past few years I have heard a lot of buzz around a Gluten-Free Diet. There are a few people I have met that are very passionate about being healthier and choose to eat gluten-free because they think that it is healthier or better for them. Unfortunately for them (and their wallets), this is... Continue Reading →

The IMPROVED Nutrition.Health.Life Site

For the past few months I tried to think of how I wanted to structure this website. I had these ideas flowing through my brain, but couldn't think of how they could all be put together into one website. I wanted to post nutrition and health information so people could be more informed. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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