Zones of Regulation

I'm not going to lie - I learned about this when trying to figure out how to be better parent and help my oldest son regulate his feelings better. But honestly, adults need this too... Many people go through life and don't acknowledge how they are feeling unless it's a big feeling (excited, enraged, shame),... Continue Reading →

Sunday Q&A – Balanced Nutrition fora Balanced Life

Q: If you had to give someone, with very little nutrition knowledge, a single piece of nutrition advice what would it be? A: This is tricky and I'm going to stretch this "single piece" a little but I'll make it a single sentence... The best thing you can do for a balanced diet is to... Continue Reading →

Fun Kidney Stone Removal??

TGIF - Fun Health Facts   Suffer from kidney stones? Love roller coasters? Well, you're in luck! A study done in 2017 on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida found great success with stone passage! They looked at 60 people who kidney stones and recorded the passage rate... Continue Reading →

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