My Views on Nutrition

What I believe about food:

  • All foods can fit in a healthy diet
  • Healthy foods does not have to taste like cardboard
  • Once you start eating real food you’ll be amazed at how much more delicious it is than processed, pre-made food
  • It is faster to make your own meal than it is to go out to eat
  • Small changes make BIG differences
  • You should eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full
  • Your body knows more about what you need than you do

Many people think that healthy eating has to taste bad and be restrictive. This is so far from the truth! Healthy Eating does not meet only lettuce and 37-grain bread – healthy eating means eating a variety of foods throughout the day to give your body with the nourishment it needs.

One myth I’d like to clear up here is that people think they need to be restrictive to lose weight. I am here to disprove that myth too!  While you may have “will-power” there will come a time when your physiological and biological needs are not being met and your body’s need for nourishment will overcome this “will-power.” When this happens, many people go from one extreme to another and end up eating everything they previously swore off. How counter-productive is that?? Even worse, people finish these binges feeling guilty and hopeless. Why not just allow yourself to freely enjoy the foods you love in moderation?

Moderation is eating a proper portion size once in a while (a few times per month). Even better, you can make small changes to your choices to allow them to better fit into a health diet. For instance, make your own vegetarian pizza at home instead of ordering out for a deep-dish, meat-lovers pizza.

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