As you’ll see, Bucky LOVES sitting on my (and J’s) lap. He was probably the most lovable cat I have ever met. He wasn’t like the stereotypical cat who told you when you could hold or pet him. He loved being around people and would accept any and all attention you would give him. Bucky sure learned a lot about medicine during his life 🙂 Every time I sat down to study, he was there – even if he was in the other room he knew the sound of the chair moving and ran to be sure he could join me. As you’ll see, other pets in our laps didn’t stop Bucky. He just saw it as an opportunity to be close to those he loved. Sadly, Bucky had to be put to sleep in November 2012. He suffered from bladder stones in June 2012 and had a surgery to clear out his urethra. We swtiched to a high acid, all meat, wet food to encourage fluid intake and acidify his urine to prevent stones. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough and he blocked again in November. When we too him to the emergency vet they said he would need surgery or would need to be put to sleep. The surgery required would reroute his urinary system, which you can imagine is not cheap. We decided it would be best to put him to sleep. Sadly, I did not get to say goodbye, as I was in Madison for school. We miss him quite a bit and wish he were here to snuggle with Eli. We are grateful for all of the fun and loving memories we have of him.





















two cats are better than one
























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