Do you have a treat for me

Do you have a treat for me?

This is Bailey! She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. As I mentioned on the main page, her original name was “Sweetie.” Despite changing her name, I am pretty sure almost ever people who meets her says, “ohh, she is such a sweetie!” or “she is so sweet!”


She loves the sun






Bailey love to sleep. I have never met a dog who sleeps are much as her (which makes our first experience with a dog much easier than we expected….but older dogs do come with their own unquite problems). Her favorite thing to do in the summer is lay in the sun.

100_1109 - Copy

She’s a lap-dog


She loved Bucky too (and misses her now…Bandit isn’t nearly as friendly)






100_1554 - Copy

Determined to the the squirrel

Bailey Christmas - Copy

Merry Christmas!

Snapshot_20130712 - Copy

She loves to snuggle (no matter how smelly you are)


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