Get your kids cooking!

How do I get my kid to eat vegetables?
What should I do when my child won’t eat dinner?
My child refuses to eat what I make (so I usually make him something else) – what can I do?

These are just a few of the numerous questions I receive about child eating habits. I posted a few weeks ago about the Division of Responsibility (see that post here – http://bit.ly/32Tfrzy). That is a great place to start. But what next? To raise happy, confident, balanced eaters, I recommend these 3 things

  1. Live by the “Division of Responsibility” (http://bit.ly/32Tfrzy)
  2. Eat meals together as a family. At a table. Without electronics. Everyday.
  3. Get your child cooking in the kitchen

Today’s post is about #3 on that list – get your kids cooking!

From a young age, kids are super interested in what we’re doing in the kitchen. They want to help chop, stir, and pour whatever they can. This is evident by the number of play kitchens I see in friends’ homes. But we are often hesitant to allow them in the kitchen for real. They don’t know what they are doing, they are going to make an epic mess and it’s going to take 100x longer that us just doing it ourselves. So they ask if they can help and we often say no. I challenge you all to pause, take a deep breath, and say yes. It could change their world. Remember that whole “teach a man to fish” adage? 

Studies have found that kids who help cook and are more confident in the kitchen tend to eat more variety, are healthier weights and have healthier eating patterns (i.e. less snacking and binging). While Food Network and the Cooking channel have taken off, the number of adults cooking at home has declined. Now is the time to flip the trend. If we want a healthier future it starts with us in our own kitchens. 

One of my favorite RD blogs is The Lean Green Bean. She just posted the cutest video of her son baking. You and your kids must watch it – http://bit.ly/2K404Mb! She often posts videos of her kids helping in the kitchen (see those here). Her kids are 5 and under and they are able to get around the kitchen better than some adults I’ve met. I definitely recommend checking her out if you’re looking for inspiration to get your kids cooking or healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

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