CSA Week #17

This week is another crazy week which in turn means a short post. I started OB/GYN up in Green Bay and it is full steam ahead. Tomorrow I am in Labor and Delivery, so I should be delivering my first babies in the next 24 hours 🙂

image (2)

This week’s box was HUGE! Here is what is in the box and what I plan to do with it all:

  • Acorn Squash – save for later
  • Butternut Squash – save for later
  • Beets (w/ tops) – not sure yet
  • Bell Peppers – sautee with onions
  • Cabbage (green OR purple) – my first attempt at kraut!
  • Carrots – cut off tops, wash, and eat as a snack with hummus
  • Green and Yellow Beans – sautee in garlic and eat with steak and potatoes
  • Honey – save for later
  • Hot peppers (various) – roast and store in oil in the refrigerator with other hot peppers
  • Honeycrisp Apples – eat 🙂
  • Leeks – I plan to make sausage and leek soup this weekend
  • Onions – sautee with bell peppers
  • Pumpkins – carve this weekend!
  • Radish- “Watermelon” and  “Black Spanish” – not sure yet
  • Tomatillos – not sure yet
  • Tomatoes – roast with garlic at 425F x 25 minutes (stir intermittently) and serve over pasta

UPDATE 10/5/13 –  I ended up roasting the radishes in the oven with olive oil and salt for 40 minutes. They turned out great.  Jason said they remind him of potatoes, so they would be a good option for people who are trying to cut back on carbs.  I also ended up making a leek and sausage soup with peppers. I added a few too many hot peppers, so I’ll need to come up with a remedy for that.


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