CSA Week 12

Last week’s picture was deceiving. J was busy all week so I told him to leave most of the produce for me to take care of when I was home over the weekend. Yeah, it was more than I thought. I spent about 4 hours prepping and cooking Saturday morning and then 1-2 hours on Sunday. It is a good thing we are making our way through the 1/2 cow because our freezer is starting to fill up with produce now.

This week is my last week in Milwaukee. Where did the month of August go?!? I have my psychiatry final on Friday. I will be home for the weekend before moving to Madison for the month of September for Neurology. Between the CSA and our own garden, I have a feeling the next month will be a lot of freezing and canning!

Here’s what is in the box this week:

Saturday morning we are planning to can jams, pickles, and a variety of tomato recipes. Most of the items here will be things to can, so J won’t have much prep for those items. Here is what needs to be done for prep:

  1. Cook and freeze corn
  2. Cook and freeze green beans
  3. Roast bell pepper, carrots, onion, tomatoes, zucchini, etc… for roasted vegetable sandwiches
  4. Do something with the zucchini

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