CSA Week # 11

This is my 3rd week of my psychiatry rotation in Milwaukee. I have learned SO much and am really happy with how things have gone so far. My biggest stress has been making sure all the produce gets prepared. Poor J is stuck all alone in Appleton washing, chopping, shredding, processing, baking, grilling, and cooking. Add a huge storm that took down a few hundred pounds worth of branches and damaged our roof earlier in the month and he has been one busy guy. Here’s a view from the garage of two of the branches that fell after a big storm. Who knows how it didn’t hit the power line!

photo (10)

J has been awesome at making sure everything is either eaten or frozen. Last weekend I stayed in Milwaukee, but I will be home this weekend to help out with any loose ends. We aren’t quite sure what we want to make at the moment, so I put together a few ideas. Here’s what is in the box this week:

photo (11)


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