Lettuce wraps


We’ve got a TON of lettuce in your CSA each week. And not just those little lettuce leaves that fit nicely on a sandwich – no, these are 12″ long from base to tip and over 6″ wide. When I was cleaning them last Tuesday they were just begging for me to use them as a wrap.

I don’t know how many of you have tried lettuce wraps before, but they are just as filling as a sandwich but much healthier. You can stuff them with anything your heart desires, but be sure to always have something creamy/sticky inside to help hold them together. I usually make savory lettuce wraps and use hummus as the creamy base.

How to make lettuce wraps

  1. Wash and dry the leaves. If they are extra crunchy and you don’t want to get messy, consider leaving the in the refrigerator overnight in an open bag. This will make them less crunchy/more wilty, so they are more flexible. I am ok with being messy, so I just used mine fresh. 
  2. Spread 1 TBSP of your creamy sauce inside the leafy green part of the leaf.
  3. Add any fillings you’d like – these had caramelized onions, radishes, carrots, and feta cheese. All of the fillings should be cut into match-stick like pieces to make it easier to eat. Arrange the fillings parallel to the stem, but keep them in the leafy part (where the creamy sauce is).
  4. Once you’ve filled the leaf, carefully bend the stem up to reach the middle or top of the filling. This is the part where a wilty leaf will bend much easier.
  5. Wrap one side in and then spread a small amount of the creamy sauce on the edge that is over the middle of the wrap. Wrap the other side in (see how the creamy sauce is your glue!). You can eat them like this, with the top open, or spread a little more creamy sauce on the mid-line seam and fold the top down.

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