Cupcakes...everything about them makes you smile. They are your own little cake, super sweet and, portion-controlled, so you will eat just the right amount. I made these cupcakes for my mom this weekend in light of the news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is very difficult to be 3 1/2 hours south... Continue Reading →


A Lunch Time Favorite

When I think there is nothing in the house to eat, there are ALWAYS two things: Bread and Cheese. What is more comforting than a good old grilled cheese sandwich? Not much! Jason and I love grilled cheese sandwiches and usually end eating them at least once every other week. We use a non-stick pan,... Continue Reading →

homemade bread

Back in April, Jason and I really started to notice how expensive groceries had become. Partly due to our new location (surprisingly, they consider DeKalb a suburb of Chicago; this lets businesses jack up prices, making out cost of living much higher than NE Wisconsin) and partly due to the rising cost of groceries. One... Continue Reading →


Jason loves meatballs...what man doesn't? I personally would like to add tons of vegetables to my spaghetti instead of any type of meat. However, Jason is a man, and he needs his meat, so I decided to make him a little treat...People often think that beef and other ground meats are "bad" for them. First,... Continue Reading →

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